Like many others, we had very little time to plan and prepare for the pandemic. Still, our team, supported by a network of volunteers across the rohe, were able to act quickly to support our people with their specific needs during COVID-19, particularly our kaumātua and at-risk members.

Now, as we adjust to life under Alert Level 2, we’d like to get your feedback on our COVID-19 Response over the past few months. To this end, we have created a short questionnaire for you to fill out. Your feedback will help us assess our response and note any improvements that could be done should a similar scenario eventuate in the future.

Please take a few moments to complete this questionnaire. Note, it can be completed anonymously. However, if you would like to enter our draw to receive 5x $100 grocery vouchers, please include your contact details when completing the questionnaire. The questionnaire will close on Friday 5 June at 4pm.

There are several ways you can complete the questionnaire:

  1. Online: Fill out the online version here.
  2. Email: Download the form here, and scan and email it back to us, or simply, send us a quick email with your answers to the below questions: [email protected]
  3. Drop off: Print off the form here and drop off completed forms at our office at 30 Arawa Street, Matatā.
  4. Via phone: If you’d prefer to complete the questionnaire via phone, our friendly staff can ring you. Let us know by emailing us at [email protected].


  1. What services did you require during the lockdown?
  2. Did you manage to get everything you needed throughout Alert Levels 4 and 3?
  3. Do you feel Te Mana provided enough support to members during the lockdown? If not, please provide more detail.
  4. Did you receive support from Te Mana during the lockdown? If so, please list what support you received.
  5. How did the Alert Level 3 and 4 lockdown make you feel?
  6. Did the lockdown impact on your mental health? If so, please explain how.
  7. Were you able to work during the lockdown (e.g. as an essential worker, other)? If so, what is your field of work?
  8. If this were to happen again, what sort of additional support would you like to see from Te Mana?
  9. Please provide any other feedback on our Te Mana COVID-19 response.

We’re still offering COVID-19-related assistance

Not all our people will feel safe leaving their bubble at Alert Level 2. Te Mana will continue to support our kaumātua and at-risk whānau to the best of our ability. You can read more about our support strategy here.

If you, or any of our whānau need assistance, please let us know:

Mauri ora!

Leith Comer
Chairman, Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust