Observer’s report

In each newsletter, one of our Observers will give an update on the Treaty negotiation process to ensure we are keeping you all updated.
This quarter, Wikitoria Falwasser has provided an update:

I was excited to be invited to observe the recent hui with the Office of Treaty Settlements in Rotorua. It was a great opportunity to be able to find out more about our Settlement negotiations and where we are at.

I have been invested in the Settlement process for a long time, and it was reassuring to see that we are in capable hands and negotiations are being undertaken in a professional and responsible way.

I was impressed by how the meeting was conducted, and Leith’s ability to keep everyone on topic and the discussion progressing forward. It was very insightful and I feel more involved and invested in our Settlement now.

With the opportunity I would go again, and I would certainly recommend others to go along if given the chance.