2013 Census - Ngāti Rangitihi is Growing!

On Census day last year (5 March 2013) there were 2,298 people who said they are affiliated with Ngāti Rangitihi. This number only takes into account those people who were in the country at the time. But it seems we are growing because in 2001, there were 1,041 people who affiliated to our iwi.
Most of our people live in the North Island, with almost half of us living in the Waiariki region. We are a young population with half of the iwi under the age of 28.
Statistics NZ has recently released the Iwi Profiles (see below for link). These profiles provide us with important information about our iwi. For example, the education and social statistics will support decisions we make about areas for funding and development, particularly if we are successful in negotiations with the Crown on a Comprehensive Treaty Settlement.
Here are some interesting facts from the Census:
• 46.1 percent (1,059 people) were tane and 53.8 percent (1,236 people) were wahine.
• The median age of Ngāti Rangitihi was 28.7 years. That means half are younger and half older than this age.
• 28.3 percent identified Ngāti Rangitihi as their sole iwi affiliation, while 71.7 percent were also affiliated with other iwi.
• 26.7 percent of our people say they can hold a conversation about everyday things in te reo Māori.
• 75% of us have a formal qualification, and almost the same amount of us living in urban areas (cities or towns with a population of 30,000 or more) are working.
• The median income for Ngāti Rangitihi is $25,100 (meaning half of us received more than this and half less).
Also, good to see that 48.1% of Ngāti Rangitihi say they have never been a regular smoker! And almost 90% of the iwi, over 15 years old, say they do household chores such as cooking, repairs, and gardening. Kia kaha Ngāti Rangitihi!
If you want further information about our iwi, here is the link to the Statistics New Zealand website  or contact Statistics New Zealand toll free on 0508 525 525 and they will send you details of the Census.