Apumoana Marae DIY

The Apumoana Marae committee is currently organising the rejuvenation and renovation of the Marae. In so doing, the committee has been successful with an application to be a part of the 2016 Marae DIY Production and they have now met their contribution target of $50,000. The DIY is scheduled to take place from Thursday April 14th to Sunday April 17th 2016.

If you or your whanau are available to support please keep in mind the following days -

Sunday, 20th March 2016 at 1pm

Muster of whanau to assign tasks and organise work

Sunday, 10th April 2016 (all day)

Marae DIY Preparation Day

Monday 10th to Wednesday 13th April

Tradie prep work may begin

Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th April

Marae DIY

Screening of Episode/Celebration Day to be confirmed.

If you are available to assist or would like to register please call Heidi Symon on (021) 911 305 or email apumoanawhanau@gmail.com