Register with Te Mana

We invite all Ngāti Rangitihi to register with Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust. The Iwi Register now has over 4,000 members. As a member you can:

  • Apply to Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Charitable Trust for funding support
  • Get hunting access to the Kaingaroa and Rotoehu forests through a recreational access permit
  • Vote in Trustee elections

To register, you must complete an application form, download here or contact us via phone or email.

Fill out the form and send it back to us by post or email, click here for contact details.

Your application will be forwarded to our Koeke Kaumatua Committee who have the job of validating your whakapapa.

Validating Your Whakapapa
Your application will be validated if you can claim descent from the tupuna Rangiaohia and Rakauheketara, through the tupuna Mahi and Rangitihikahira. The Committee can help you identify your whakapapa if required. We will write to you and let you know if your application has been successful. Note: if for any reason your application is declined, you have the right to appeal to the Chairman of Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust.

Access to Your Records
There is restricted access to the Iwi Register - it is a taonga and includes whakapapa which the Trust does not have authority to release. No iwi organisation or government agency has the ability to release this information. Any individual iwi member may, however, have access to a copy of their own information by contacting the Trust's Office Manager, who will supply the information in either electronic form or by post. Registered adult members may also view the register of names of other registered adult members. This right is only to look at the register of names and does not extend to taking a copy of, or otherwise recording, the names

Staying in Touch
Once you have become a beneficiary, you will need to make sure the trust has up-to-date contact details. If your contact details have changed, for example, address, e-mail or telephone number, please let us know.