The following are answers to some commonly asked questions. We will continue to add to these as required.

How will the Trust respond to correspondence?

Provided the correspondence is sent to the Trust Office (our email address is info@ngatirangitihi.iwi.nz and our postal address is PO Box 831, Whakatane) the Trust will respond to all questions within 21 working days. This time frame will allow for reasonable consideration and research, which will help to answer any questions.

For privacy and commercial reasons, in some cases we will not be able to provide all of the information that has been requested. However, where this is an issue we will outline in full the reasons why we cannot release the information.

The Trust would prefer kanohi ki te kanohi meetings to discuss any issues iwi members have. We appreciate that not everyone will be able to do this but where it is not possible we will try to find an alternative way of talking.

How does the Trust decide who receives a funding grant and the level of that funding?

The Trust no longer makes these decisions. A Charitable Trust has recently been established and will be administered by the following trustees: local banker Stephen Clayton, Nereta Pereiha-Perenara, Tia Warbrick and Merepeka Ruakawa-Tait.

The Charitable Trust is responsible for managing a Trust Fund and grants will be awarded from that fund in the following categories:

  • Mātauranga Ngāti Rangitihi
  • Recreation
  • Education, and
  • Sports

The Charitable Trust will be able to secure external funding and has had an initial grant of $100,000 from Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust to get it up and running. Criteria for funding have been approved and the application forms for grants will be posted on the Te Mana o Ngāti Rangitihi Trust website in the near future.

The Trust holds two-monthly meetings and its financial performance will be outlined in the Annual Report as required under the 2005 Charities Act. For more information on the Trust please contact Alana Hunter at 07 322 2452 or administrator@ngatirangitihi.iwi.nz.

Why can't we see the database of registered members? 

The reason that this is not available to all members is that the database is a taonga and includes whakapapa which the Trust does not have authority to release. No iwi organisation or government agency has the ability to release this information.

Any individual iwi member may, however, have access to a copy of their own information by contacting the Trust's Office Manager, who will supply the information in either electronic form or by post.

Registered adult members may also view the register of names of other registered adult members. This right is only to look at the register of names and does not extend to taking a copy of, or otherwise recording, the names.

Is the Trust committed to transparency and accountability?

Absolutely and the Trust takes this responsibility seriously.

The Trust has now had three years of audited financial accounts, which show how the Trust’s funds are used.

The Trust has strong financial controls and a professional accountant on its staff. We have worked hard to implement robust practices and ensure all iwi assets and funds are protected.

The Trust’s financial accounts will be available for iwi members to read at the Hui a Tau (AGM) later in the year, and they will be posted to the website as soon as they are available.

Te Mana o Ngati Rangitihi Trust is willing and open to engage with iwi members and is committed to keeping our people informed.

Will the Trust be using its Facebook page more often? 

Yes, the Trust is undertaking a review of the way we communicate to all of our stakeholders and we believe that Facebook will play an important role in connecting our iwi.

Te Mana o Ngati Rangitihi Trust set up a Facebook page to help connect and engage with whanau and hapu right across Aotearoa and with our many whanau living throughout the world. We hope that the Facebook page can be a place where iwi members can share stories, experiences, news and information about our iwi.

The Facebook page will also be used by the Trust to post all panui, so that they are distributed to our members and followers as soon as possible.

We have previously had a number of complaints from iwi members who were upset at the tone and accusations made in some posts. The iwi members told us that they no longer wanted to use the page as it was too negative. This was disappointing and undermines the purpose of our Facebook page, which is for the Trust and Ngati Rangitihi iwi members to keep in touch with what the Trust is doing.

The Trust, like most other organisations, will be monitoring the page to ensure it is fair for all of our iwi. If someone makes personal and/or derogatory comments and accusations, we will restrict their use of the page. We want to encourage debate and discussion but it has to be fair.